About Us

Ray’s all started in 2014 out of the passion of two friends : Kagasi & Wanjiku looking for a cheaper, tastier and primarily healthier alternative to the food they were accustomed to while out for lunch, or on weekends and even at some not so well meaning parties 🙂

We believe in teaching and encouraging nutritious eating practices. Consequently, we seek to make healthy living accessible to everybody by providing good food at reasonable prices and educate on proper nutrition.

We run a salad bar that delivers freshly tossed salads anywhere you may be (in Nairobi, for now). However, if salads are not your thing, just yet, our kitchen delivers healthy and tasty meals too. We also provide catering services (for small parties and events at the moment). If you’re looking to improve your cooking skills, we provide customized lessons to fit your needs. To complement our hands on approach to healthy food, we have a nutritionist on call to advise on

We push our boundaries to make food that is healthy, with fresh ingredients and that makes us feel good about ourselves. Our menu is sure to please and will constantly change to have more variety

We do this for the love of food